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We have enjoyed presenting our last few buying guides and hope you found yourself thoroughly enjoying them. After reading them you may have thought, what will Topline Beauty recommend next? We have identified based from the feed back of our beauty lovers that choosing the correct eye shadow palette can be confusing and time consuming. After trying and testing multiple brands and products out in the market, we can proudly reveal our picks for the best eye shadow palettes. When choosing our top picks, we focus on finding and trying eye shadow palettes that contain different eye shadow types, colors. Ability to be long lasting as well as value for money are other key points we consider. Read ahead and find out more about our top picks!

Huda Beauty : Desert Dusk Eye

The brand is a powerhouse in the beauty world, with a wide range of eye shadow palettes for all beauty loving types out there. Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eye Shadow Palette contains a richly toned palette with 18 shades in 4 unique textures. It also provides one dazzling glitter and eight creamy mattes. Three duo chrome toppers and six shimmering pearl shades are also in the mix. This Arabian inspired palette is infatuating as it provides a broad spectrum of subtle sandy nudes, glimmering metallic hues and vibrant ochres which are absolutely hypnotic.

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Huda : Beauty Mercury Retrograde

Another one of our top picks is from Huda Kattans masterpiece collection. The brand is an entirely cruelty free brand, which is one of the things we absolutely love about this brand. The Mercury Retrograde Eye Shadow Palette features one glitter powder charged with glass pearls and silver sparkles and nine buttery mattes. This palette will take you to infinity and beyond with 18 incredible galactic inspired colors.

How to use Mercury Retrograde Eye Shadow Palette

Firstly, build your base with matte shadows. Secondly, you will need to apply the shades of eye shadow on your eye lids by using a brush for a metallic finish. Following that, create an extra layer using a sponge brush or your fingers for an extreme foil effect. You have the option of adding a popping effect by using the glitter powder included in the palette. Finally, finish off your look to achieve a pearlescent glow by creating multi reflective shadows.

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Huda Beauty : The New Nude Eye

The New Eye Shadow Palette is a new addition to the range. The palette consists of 18 highly pigmented shades and has everything you need to transform your dull eye lids into a stunning sight of textures and colors. It is formulate with Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil for easy application. The product is also combined with Acacia, Jojoba and Sunflower wax to create a high simmer finish that layers effortlessly on top of mattes. This exceptional combination also adds depth and dimension to each application.

It also has the advantage of containing easy to use combinations, which is why we consider the New Nude Eye Shadow Palette as one of the best eye shadow palettes in the market.

The palette also includes a concealer base for flawless application to boost eye shadow intensity. The color base ranges from dusty copper to soft berry and golden taupe to rosy pink tones.

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Charlotte Tilbury Luxury : Pillow Talk

Charlotte Tilbury is an award winning artist for A listers who has created a fantastic line of products we love to use. We particularly love Tilburys Luxury Palette in Pillow Talk product and recommend it as one of our top picks for the best eye shadow palettes out there. The product is for those who are looking for a pretty, feminine every day eye shadow palette.

It is easy to use with other every day products due to its subtle colors and features. Pillow talk also contains matte and four shimmer shades, featuring rose gold, champagne pink, soft matte brown and matte dusky brown sparkle.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills : Modern Renaissance 

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a brand from the USA which has a large fan base. Their Modern Renaissance eye shadow palette is a stellar product featuring fourteen shades, including berry and neutral tones. Modern Renaissance also show cases a velvet palette with high pigment matte and metallic eye shadows. It is perfect for creating creative and stunning day to night looks. The product is encased in a gorgeous velvet pallet featuring earthy yellow to burnt orange crease and fade-resistant blends. Anastasia Beverly Hills also provides a dual sided soft bristle brush.

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We believe our top picks will help you choose the best eye shadow palette that is suitable for you. In the meantime check out our top picks for the best cream foundation here. Combining the best cream foundation with our top picks for the best eye shadow palettes we have reviewed will help bring out your best features.

We hope you find these products help you, as much as they helped us find top line beauty!

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